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Reformers Interview with Sam Allberry

Posted by Thomas Eglinton on

Reformers Bookshop sat down with Sam Allberry, author of 7 Myths About Singleness and the best selling Is God Anti-Gay (as well as the lesser known Connected: Living in the Light of the Trinity). We were joined by Sam Wan from AP (

Find out about Sam's new book, what Sam's favourite book was to write, thoughts about what we still need to think through regarding Same-Sex Attraction and the Christian as well as some tips for reading.

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Reformers Recommends: Books for Singles

Posted by Andrew Deligiorgakis on

Dani Treweek is currently completing a theological PhD research into the topic of singleness, and is passionate about helping churches, ministry leaders and individuals (both single and married) better understand God’s purpose for singleness as revealed in Scripture and fulfilled in Christ.

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