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Dr Beeke talks about Family Worship

Posted by Andrew Deligiorgakis on

At this time more than most, we can build the godly habit of family worship.

To help you get started, we've produced this interview excerpt of Dr Joel Beeke speaking about Family Worship and we have also put together a collection of resources here.

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Reformers Book Review: Encouragement (Mark Chanski)

Posted by Thomas Eglinton on

Encouragement Adrenaline for the Soul by Mark Chanski       G'day, Tom here from Reformers Bookshop. In Australia we have a culture - I think they call it "tall poppy syndrome" (this culture of cutting people down) - and I myself felt myself getting pulled into that, and so I decided recently to read a few books on encouragement: on how to use our words to build people up rather than cut people down. And this was one that I read, it's a new book by Mark Chanski, and he uses this concept of adrenaline to talk about how encouragement...

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