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Reformers Bookcast: Preaching & Biographies

Posted by Thomas Eglinton on

Reformers Bookshop sits down with a guest and discusses great Christian books - new and old. In this episode we chat with Dr. Steven J. Lawson about a few books on preaching and biographies. Subscribe to the Reformers Bookcast with your favourite podcast provider, or subscribe here:

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Reformers Recommends: Books on Preaching with David Burke (Christ College, Sydney)

Posted by Andrew Deligiorgakis on

 We sat down with David Burke from Christ College, Sydney to discuss his recommended books on preaching. View all the books that David recommends here. Full Interview Transript TE: G'day Tom here from Reformers Bookshop with another Reformers interview. Today we're in the office of David Burke at Christ College, thanks for joining us David... Thanks for having us here in your office. DB: My pleasure. TE: And you teach at Christ's College – can you tell us a bit about what what you're teaching at the moment? DB: Sure, so my official title is "Lecturer in Ministry and Practice"...

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